Utah Patent Update – Patents Issued on 04-13-10

The following patents issued this week which were granted to Utah inventors or assigned to Utah companies.

Patent No. Title Inventors Assignee
Chemistry/ Materials
7694829 Settling vessel for extracting crude oil from tar sands Veltri; Fred J. (Murray, UT), Fairbanks; John B. (Salt Lake City, UT)
7695542 Fiber-containing diamond-impregnated cutting tools Drivdahl; Kristian S. (Park City, UT), Rupp; Michael D. (Murray, UT) Longyear TM, Inc. (South Jordan, UT)
7695580 Method of forming a ceramic to ceramic joint Cutler; Raymond Ashton (Bountiful, UT), Hutchings; Kent Neal (Salt Lake City, UT), Kleinlein; Brian Paul (Salt Lake City, UT), Carolan; Michael Francis (Allentown, PA) Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (Allentown, PA)
Ceramatec, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)
7695904 Reducing non-target nucleic acid dependent amplifications: amplifying repetitive nucleic acid sequences
Cawthon; Richard M (Salt Lake City, UT) University of Utah Research Foundation (Salk Lake City, UT)
Computer Hardware/ Electronics
7696900 Apparatus for responding to an anomalous change in downhole pressure Hall; David R. (Provo, UT), Fox; Joe (Spanish Fork, UT), Wilde; Tyson (Aurora, CO), Barlow; Jonathan S. (Sunnyvale, CA) IntelliServ, Inc. (Provo, UT)
7698430 On-demand compute environment
Jackson; David B. (Spanish Fork, UT) Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc. (Provo, UT)
Computer Software/ Methods
7694876 Method and system for tracking user performance Barnes; Brian (South Jordan, UT), Bonalle; David S. (New Rochelle, NY), Saunders; Peter D. (Salt Lake City, UT) American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (New York, NY)
7697391 Massively multi-level optical data storage using subwavelength sized nano-grating structures Thomas, III; Fred C (Ogden, UT) EMC Corporation (Hopkinton, MA)
7697462 System and method for split isolation in radio frequency electronics Dunn, Jr.; Gary Raymond (Taylorsville, UT), McNamee; Richard Alan (Salt Lake City, UT) L-3 Communications, Corp. (New York, NY)
7697641 Parallel DSP demodulation for wideband software-defined radios Haddadin; Osama Sami (Salt Lake City, UT), Hansen; Brad Terry (Salt Lake City, UT), Nelson; David S. (Salt Lake City, UT), Henrie; Roland Richard (Provo, UT) L-3 Communications (New York, NY)
7698084 Method for determining when a force sensor signal baseline in a force-based input device can be updated Soss; David A. (Salt Lake City, UT) QSI Corporation (Salt Lake City, UT)
7698230 Transaction architecture utilizing transaction policy statements Brown; Bruce E. (Orem, UT), Israelsen; D. Brent (Alpine, UT) ContractPal, Inc. (Orem, UT)
7698360 System and method for distance learning Rowley; David D. (Spanish Fork, UT), Gale; Sean D. (Pleasant Grove, UT), Christensen; Thomas K. (Santaquin, UT), Fischer; Jeffrey A. (Provo, UT), Jenkins; Craig R. (Orem, UT) Novell, Inc. (Provo, UT)
7698437 Method and apparatus for multiple audio connections over networks Stogel; Scott (Westport, CT), Niedfeldt; Jonathan (Highland, UT) Digital Acoustics L.L.C. (Lake Forest, IL)
7698549 Program product for unified certificate requests from certificate authorities Thornton; Russell S. (Cedar Hills, UT), Hodson; Benjamin (Cedar Hills, UT), Seegmiller; Jayson (Orem, UT) Venafi, Inc. (Draper, UT)
Medical Products
7694403 Method of forming IV catheter and needle assembly
Moulton; William G. (West Jordan, UT) Becton, Dickinson and Company (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
7695477 Milling system and methods for resecting a joint articulation surface Creger; Carlyle J. (Logan, UT), Justin; Daniel F. (Logan, UT), Goble; E. Marlowe (Logan, UT), Hodorek; Robert A. (Warsaw, IN) Zimmer, Inc. (Warsaw, IN)
7695521 Hip prosthesis with monoblock ceramic acetabular cup Ely; K. Scott (Austin, TX), Khandkar; Ashok C. (Salt Lake City, UT), Lakshminarayanan; Ramaswamy (Salt Lake City, UT), Hofmann; Aaron A. (Salt Lake City, UT) Amedica Corporation (Salt Lake City, UT)
7694380 Modular trowel handle
Meyers; Lawrence G. (Layton, UT) Beno J. Gundlach Company (Layton, UT)
7694468 Window framing system with decorative overlay and method for using the same
Prince; Kendall W. (Layton, UT), Stott; Matt A. (Syracuse, UT) Norman International, Inc. (Santa Fe Springs, CA)
7694494 Tree support and cover system
Bornemeier; Erik D. (Bountiful, UT), Hendricks; Jared (Draper, UT) Treekeeper, LLC (West Valley, UT)
7694756 Indenting member for a drill bit Hall; David R. (Provo, UT), Leany; Francis (Provo, UT), Bailey; John (Provo, UT)
7695010 Inflator with frangible support Perez; Michael (Ogden, UT), Jackson; Scott (Centerville, UT), Young; Anthony M. (Malad, ID), Parks; Brent A. (Englewood, CO), Green; David (Brigham City, UT), Lanham; Greg (Layton, UT) Autoliv ASP, Inc. (Ogden, UT)
7695014 Occupant restraint system Parks; Brent (Englewood, CO), Green; David (Brigham City, UT), Enders; Mark (Pleasant View, UT) Autoliv ASP, Inc. (Ogden, UT)
7695078 Carbide studs for stability and motive traction of footwear Lefgren; James (Richmond, UT)
7696571 Method of manufacturing a trench transistor having a heavy body region Mo; Brian Sze-Ki (Fremont, CA), Chau; Duc (San Jose, CA), Sapp; Steven (Felton, CA), Bencuya; Izak (Saratoga, CA), Probst; Dean E. (West Jordan, UT) Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation (South Portland, ME)
D613923 Wheelbarrow Ludlow; Loren (Riverton, UT)

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